The Company

Established in 1986, Impressions now specializes in Brand Management by offering Web-to-print and Web-to-publish solutions. Since 2009, Impressions invests in digital technologies and establishes strategic alliances with experts developing Brand Resource Centers and managing (big) data.

This business model allows Impressions to develop personalized web portals for all sizes of business. Our portals are designed to manage and distribute marketing materials while maintaining brand integrity throughout various channels.

This business model also allows Impressions to offer the best services in data analytics an data management. This technology collects all data in a unique data base with clients' knowledge for cross-media marketing optimization.

Impressions knows, via researches and training, that the digitization and management of marketing assets - including data management - is no longer a nice-to-have proposition, it is key to marketing success. And while the words ''marketing'' and ''automation'' may seem mismatched, the truth is that marketing innovation is dependent on marketing automation. This is why Impressions acquired technologies that helps clients optimize their business results.